Arai Side Pods: How to Remove Arai Side Pods and Where to Buy Arai Side Pods


Arai helmets are superb products – usually they represent total value for money, however, one thing that many Arai buyers find annoying is the use of sidepods. Replacement side pods can also be hard to find, especially if you have a replica helmet design that needs specific side pod designs to match the rest of the helmet. We have put together this guide to explain the following:

  1. Just why Arai still uses side pods
  2. How to remove and replace Arai side pods
  3. Where to buy replacement Arai side pods.

1: What are Side Pods and why does Arai use them?

Arai claim that their use of side pods allows a safer hold for the shield pivot mechanism without the need for a deep recess in the helmet shell (as some other products have). In helmets with a deep recess, the interior EPS liner must be thinner and harder, or the shell must be made larger to accommodate a thicker, softer liner. Arai also claim that the deep recesses can have sharp edges that may impede the desired smooth dispersal of impact energy along the shell’s naturally-curved surface.

Arai’s official explanation on why they use helmet side-pods:
“Arai’s pod system lets us maintain a shallow recess (as much of the pivot mechanism is within the shield itself) with round edges, so energy can flow more smoothly over the entire shell shape. The pod system isn’t easy to design, or cheap to build, because the shell surface beneath the pod continues the three-dimensional shape of the shell with a series of difficult compound curves, that the pod’s base plate mechanism must conform to. But it enables the shell do a better job of dispersing impact energy, allowing the use of a softer and more consistent liner thickness and allowing the shell to be smaller, narrower and more aerodynamic.”

2: How to Remove and Replace Arai Side Pods

Fortunately, removing and replacing Arai side pods isn’t too difficult if you know what you are doing.

  • Step 1: Remove the visor first. After removing the visor you should be able to see a red release catch inside the slot.
  • Step 2: Find an thin and non-marking/scratching implement (Arai have a specific tool which is supplied with their maintenance kit on certain models, but an ice lolly stick will suffice) between the helmet shell and holder and use the implement to push the red release catches back – this will release the holder. The side pods should pry off easily. Be cautious though, the side pods are a precise fit and can be easy to break if you apply excessive force.
  • Step 3: To re-fit the holder, insert the top clip into the recess on the base plate and press firmly over the red clip until a click is heard. Check it has installed correctly by pulling on the holder before re-fitting the visor.

Video guide to removing and replacing Arai side pods:

If you have difficulty locking down your side pod, then this video guide should help troubleshoot the issue:


3: Where to buy replacement Arai side pods.

A good range of Arai side pods can still be tricky to find online, you need to know where to look to find them. carry a huge range of Arai Side Pods that start from £19.56 – they also deliver worldwide and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: They state – “If for any reason you are not completely delighted with your purchase, return it to us within 30 days in an unused condition and receive a full refund. No questions asked. “ carry side pods for the following Arai Helmets:

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