Arai Chaser Colin Legend Red Helmet

Arai Chaser Colin Legend Red Helmet
Arai Chaser Colin Edwards Legend Red Helmet – Superb innovation and stunning design

This is a popular Arai Chaser helmet design – it’s a replica of the Colin Edwards design that he has worn on various occasions in the past to mark significant races, such as MotoGP’s return to Laguna Seca in 2005. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out where to buy the Arai Chaser Colin Edwards Legend Replica Helmet in Red at the best prices.

The new Chaser offers superb innovation and stunning designs at a fantastic mid price. Features abound as usual with an Arai, including LRS visor system, powerful chin vent with enlarged duct access and removable cheek pads etc, but it’s Arai’s new Air Conductor Ergo Duct venting system which really impresses. The large ducts, especially the massive exhaust rear duct are extremely efficient at moving air through the helmet and the larger buttons make operation with gloves much easier.


  • Super Fibre Construction (SFC)
  • Ring shaped strengthening in lower section
  • Triple density inner shell
  • New ‘Air Conductor’ ergo duct venting system
  • Side exhaust vents
  • Powerful chin vent with enlarged duct access
  • Fully washable interior
  • Free Flow System (FFS) – reduces draft and wind noise
  • Removable cheek pads available in 6 sizes
  • Lever release visor removal system (LRS)
  • Aerodynamic recessed visor holder system
  • Patented visor brow ventilation ducts
  • Aerodynamic 2mm polycarbonate Pinlock® ready visor with de-mist visor lock
  • Double ‘D’ ring fastening system ensures correct strap tension at all times
  • Pinlock® visor insert included
  • All Arai Helmets are ECE-2205 and ACU Gold Standard Approved and come with a 5 year limited warranty.

    “With helmets of this calibre – comfort, safety and light weight are all a given. So often something extra is needed to help them stand out from the other high-quality competitors and I think Arai might have cracked it. The venting system on the Chaser features larger buttons and not only moves masses of air but is also really easy to operate.” RiDE July 2007

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    Arai Chaser Colin Legend - Red

    Where to buy the Arai Chaser Colin Legend Red Helmet

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