Arai RX7 Corsair Kenny Roberts Helmet

Kenny Roberts Jr

Arai has released a Kenny Roberts replica helmet in the RX-7 Corsair range  – based on Kenny Roberts’ 2007 MotoGP season design. It features the distinctive gold, blue, and red design, with the Kenny Roberts white eagle head on either side. It’s a great replica helmet and a great tribute to the Roberts’ family and their racing heritage.

Evolution meets revolution: The Arai Corsair has evolved out of a long line of top of the range Arai helmets. The main features to note are the SNC net construction that makes the Arai Corsair strong yet light, and a triple density inner shell that gives that Arai “plush” fit that no other helmets manufacturer seems to have, fantastic venting and the latest in Pinlock tevchnology make the Arai Corsair very hard to beat !! The Arai RX7 Corsair represents the very best in helmet technology. With features like the new SNC construction outer shell shape and the innovative Dry Cool lining material and choice of many designs and replica’s, the RX7 Corsair is the finest full face helmet in its class.

Product description of the Arai RX-7 Corsair Kenny Roberts Helmet:

  • Weight: Approximately 5 lbs
  • Relaxed round-oval fit
  • Lever release visor removal system (LRS)
  • “Delta-3” top center intake scoop, scavenges more air to help improve airflow even further
  • Shell incorporates a reduced gap between the shield and shell to minimize wind turbulence over the shield and onto the shell
  • Chin vent design, with dual-pivot hinge mechanism, allows for a more easily operable single span vent gate with an increased airflow capacity (Top air diffuser – moves 15 litres of air per minute)
  • Enhanced organic shell shape, bottom trim and (non-removable) neck roll which curve in at the bottom to give a more natural appearance, which also helps minimize wind turbulence
  • Rubber breathguard, designed to better direct fresh air to the inside surface of the shield while at the same time directing hot breath down and away from the inside surface of the shield
  • SNC “Structural Net Composite” shell construction, utilizes a patented shell construction that incorporates a structural net reinforcing material, embedded between Arai’s® exclusive Super complex laminated construction layers, which improves resistance to shearing forces. This allows for more weight to be removed from the top of the shell, both reducing overall helmet weight and improving the center of gravity
  • Shell mold features to strengthen the shell, enhance airflow and overall appearance
  • Type-8 diffuser design with redesigned and improved intake and exhaust ports to both improve airflow and reduce wind turbulence
  • “Dry-Cool™ liner material, with a rich color and perforated satin feel, utilizes water cells to improve moisture and heat transfer from your head into the airflow around Arai’s® unique space frame liner. Leaves your head dryer and cooler at the end of a long or hot ride and allows the liner to dry much faster in between rides. Dimensions and mounting method of both the cheek pads and head liner are the same as previous RX-7RR series. Removable liner/cheek pads. Removable skull cap and cheek pads available in 6 sizes
  • SAJ side pods have a lower profile and are much more flush with the shell of the helmet to provide a much cleaner look
  • Free flow system (FFS) – reduces draft and wind noise
  • Pinlock® visor insert included
  • Double ‘D’ ring fastening system ensures correct strap tension at all times
  • DOT Certified : Yes
  • Snell Certified : Yes

Image Gallery of the Arai RX-7 Corsair Kenny Roberts Helmet:

Arai RX7 Corsair Kenny Roberts Replica

Arai RX7 Corsair Kenny Roberts Replica

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