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Arai Side Pods: How to Remove Arai Side Pods and Where to Buy Arai Side Pods

Arai helmets are superb products – usually they represent total value for money, however, one thing that many Arai buyers find annoying is the use of sidepods. Replacement side pods can also be hard to find, especially if you have a replica helmet design that needs specific side pod designs to match the rest of […]

Buy Arai Helmet Bag

This is an essential Arai helmet bag that has been engineered and tested for both usability and durability. This Arai Helmet bag also comes with a seperate pocket that has been specially designed to store and protect faceshields. Separate pocket for faceshields. Converts to backpack. has stock from $44.96 with a ‘best price guarantee’. […]

How to change a visor on an Arai helmet (Video Guide)

Arai helmets don’t really come with useful instructions on how to change the visor on the helmet. This video shows the best way to remove and replace the visor on your Arai helmet.

How to solve misting issues on an Arai helmet (Video Guide)

Useful video showing you how to solve misting issues that you may experience while using your Arai helmet. The video shows you how to use the vents to reduce helmet misting, and how to use other techniques such as pinlocks to reduce visor misting.

Arai Helmet Hold-all Furlined (Helmet Bags)

Genuine Arai Furlined Holdall – Special Offer This is a great offer on a reduced price Arai Helmet Hold-all with a Furlined interior. It doesn’t come much cheaper than this for a top range furlined official Arai helmet bag. Guaranteed to keep your Arai helmet free from damage. The ultimate way to protect your arai […]

The Story of a Kevin Schwantz Helmet Obsessive

Here’s a great Arai helmet related story we stumbled across. It concerns one man’s obsession of Kevin Schwantz replic bike helmets. He began rabidly collecting Schwantz replic helmets, but then turned his attentions to the pre-Pepsi sponsorship Schwantz designs that were much harder to come by. Until Arai helmets got wind of the collectors quest. […]