Helmet Sizing Guide

The most important thing facing you when buying a motorcycle helmet is ensuring that you get the right size. You can buy the slickest looking helmet on the market, but if haven’t sized it correctly you’ll experience all sorts of issues.

Motorcycle helmet manufacturers do not used a standardised sizing chart, so you need to be well prepared before buying a helmet. This guide will show you the correct way to measure yourself for a helmet, and will then provide information on the individual sizing charts that each manufacturer tends to use. It should be all you need to ensure that you buy a helmet that not only looks good, but also fits perfectly.


The first step when buying a helmet is to ensure that you have measured your head correctly. Due to varying shapes, heads that are apparently the same size when measured by a tape may not necessarily fit the same size helmet –
It is important to measure the circumference of your head from above your ears, making sure that you pass the tape measure over the center of your forehead, and at a point over the back of the head that results in the largest possible measurement (i.e. over the natural bump that everyone has at the back of their head).
If you have longer or shorter hair, there may be some tolerance either way. So if you prefer a tight fit, go for a smaller size and if you prefer a loose fit, go for the bigger size. Take several measurements to make sure you have the largest one.

Diagram showing the correct way to measure your head:
Measuring your head for a helmet

Note: After measuring your head you may find yourself between sizes on a manufacturers sizing chart – If this happens then you should always opt for the smaller helmet size, as the interior helmet padding will give way relatively quickly, and will ensure your head fits snugly into the casing. If you are uncertain you should always go for the tighter size.

Video showing how to fit a helmet properly:

This is a rough guide to help you determine the size of helmet that you require.

Helmet size:
XXS = 51 – 52 Cms
XS = 53 – 54 Cms
S = 55 – 56 Cms
M = 57 – 58 Cms
L = 59 – 60 Cms
XL = 61 – 62 Cms
XXL = 62 – 63 Cms

For more accurate sizing charts for different brands see Part 2 of our Helmet Sizing Guide below.

Part 2: Helmet Size Charts for Individual Manufacturers and Brands

Okay, so as we have established already, not all helmet brands have the same sizing charts. Click on the name of the brand that you are interested in below to go directly to their helmet sizing chart – this will help you discover your required helmet size more accurately.