Buy Nolan N62 Gemini MotoGP Replica Helmet

Nolan have released a MotoGP tribute helmet in their N62 range. It features the official MotoGP logo towards the rear of the helmet and comes in a sleek silver, black, and red colour design. The helmet also features illustrations of the tracks used in the MotoGP Championship. Scroll down for more info and where to buy the ‘Nolan N62 MotoGP Replica Helmet’ at the best prices.

Nolan N62 MotoGP Replica Helmet: Product Description:

N62 is the Nolan full-face street helmet, featuring excellent quality-price relation, refined, sporty and visually appealing design, innovative technical solutions.

The quick-change/tool-free visor mechanism operates with the visor in open position only, to avoid accidental opening while riding. It is provided with weather trims placed around the edge of the visor, assuring perfect closing, to avoid harmful air and water infiltration.

The helmet is also equipped with an ergonomically superior comfort padding (removable and washable for some versions), meeting the specific needs of the most demanding riders.

The new N62 features top and lower front air intakes, assuring an excellent ventilation inside the helmet, as well as effective air circulation, thanks to the rear extractors which facilitate expulsion of warm air. The look is enhanced by all the colour-matched components.

Furthermore, N62 is characterized by the famous and appreciated Nolan devices: Microlock* retention system, Sanitized® treatment, pre-set for Nolan Fog Resistant system (NFR).

*Only for pre-set versions.

Images of the Nolan N62 MotoGP Replica Helmet:

N62 Gemini MotoGP Replica

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