Shark RSI Sylvain Guintoli Helmet

Sylvain Guintoli BSB

Shark Helmets have produced a stunning and sleek looking Sylvain Guntoli replica helmet for sale. This is an understated and classy replica of the current 2009 Sylvain Guintoli primary helmet design for British Super Bikes (BSB). There is some really great pricing online for this helmet – scroll to the bottom of the page to find out where to pick up the best offers.

This is the latest Hi-Tec helmet in the Shark range in two shell sizes. A perfect combination of technology, ergonomics and safety, the new RSI helmet from Shark has sharp and aggressive lines that yield exceptional aerodynamic performance. With its balanced, carefully-crafted design, and its intrinsic safety qualities, the RSI is the new benchmark for its class . All important visibility is optimised with the use of a Dual treated (anti-scratch/anti-fog) “Total Vision” 2.2 mm visor which incorporates Shark’s patented “Push One” visor quick release system.

This season, with vast improvements to finish and comfort, the RSI becomes even better value for money.

  • Two shell sizes.
  • Multi-element (5) internal shock-absorber with differentiated density.
  • Airflow directed by integrated ducts and “Venturi” deflectors.
  • Dual treated (anti-scratch/anti-fog) “Total Vision” 2.2 mm visor.
  • SHARK’s patented “Push One” visor quick release system.
  • Optimised demisting using visor frame diffuser.
  • Fully removable and washable interior in microfibre fabric.
  • Ergonomic cheek pads.
  • Anti-misting visor and chin cover.
  • Chin strap system (Double-D ring).
  • Weight: 1400g (± 50g).


53/54 55/56 57/58 59/60 61/62


The SHARK RSI Sylvain Guintoli Helmet:

SHARK RSI Sylvain Guintoli Helmet

SHARK RSI Sylvain Gunitoli Helmet

SHARK RSI Sylvain Guintoli Helmet

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