Shoei X-Spirit 2 Mika Kallio TC-1 Replica Helmet

Shoei X-Spirit 2 Mika Kallio TC-1 Replica Helmet

Shoei X-Spirit 2 : The ultimate racing helmet.

This is new brand new on the market: It is the new Shoei X-Spirit 2 Mika Kallio TC-1 Replica Helmet. The design is exactly the same as Mika Kallio wore during the 2009 MotoGP season, and one he will carry with him to his 2010 MotoGP season. A beautiful street helmet that features Kallio’s fire and ice colour scheme and scorpion motifs.

Helmet Description:
Since its introduction in 2003, the X-Spirit has been the motorcycle-racing helmet that all others are judged by. For the 2010 model year, Shoei engineers were faced with the grueling task of improving on what is already considered to be the best-performing racing helmet ever conceived. Born from racing, the all-new X-Spirit 2 combines Shoei’s 50 years of helmet building experience with the very latest technology and most advanced materials to bring you the racing helmet of the future.

Throughout its history, Shoei has relied on feedback from professional racers around the globe to continually improve its products, and everything learned along the way has now culminated in the finest motorcycle racing helmet ever developed—the all-new X-Spirit 2!

  • Dual resistance visor seal
  • Double D-Ring
  • Mist-retardant CX-1V pinlock visor
  • 4 shell sizes
  • Detachable and washable chin strap cover
  • Chin curtain
  • Multiple venting and extraction
  • Shell integrated spoilers & vents
  • Safety is paramount with this helmet. The shell is made from AIM+, with a dual density liner, and with the Emergency Quick Release System which quickly and safely removes the helmet in an accident, you know your head’s covered with the X-Spirit II.
  • A complex ventilation system ensures the X-Spirit 2 keeps your head cool. Inlet vents keep your brow and head cool, whilsts outlet vents to the sides ensure warm breath is dispersed quickly away from the face and visor.
  • A series of integrated vents, exhausts and spoilers provide near perfect aerodynamics in the X-Spirit 2.
  • An entirely detachable and washable inner lining means the X-Spirit 2 can be kept hygenic and fresh – an important comfort factor.
  • A superior helmet, probably the best on the market right now.

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Shoei X-Spirit 2 Mika Kallio TC-1 Replica Helmet

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