Shoei X-Spirit / X-Eleven Locatelli 2 TC1 Helmet

Roberto Locatelli

Roberto Locatelli won the 125cc World Championship in 2000 and raced in the 250cc World Championship of 2007 with a Gilera. Despite recent injuries Locatelli remians a popular motorcycle racer and is easily recognisable by his simple but bold helmet designs.

Shoei have reproduced a brilliant Roberto Locatelli helmet for sale. This is a perfect replica of his popular white, green and red helmet design and is suitable for track or street use.

The Shoei X-Spirit / X-Eleven Locatelli 2 TC1 Helmet is available at some fantastic prices online (scroll to the bottom of the page to find the best places and the best offers).

The Shoei X-Spirit / X-Eleven Helmet has been the racing helmet of choice for professional riders since it’s introduction. Built to race specifications, the X-Spirit / X-Eleven was designed and developed in collaboration with professional motorcycle racers, like Roberto Locatelli, Chris Vermeulen, and Yukio Kagayama. Numerous hours on the racetrack and testing in windtunnels has produced an aerodynamically superior helmet with minimal lift and drag, plus incomparable fit and ventilation.

Product Description: Shoei X-Spirit / X-Eleven Locatelli 2 TC1 Helmet :

  • Quick release base plate system
  • Dual liner ventilation system
  • 3D comfort liner system
  • Double D retention system
  • Upper and lower air intakes
  • Dual air charge system
  • Face shield defogging vent
  • Chin curtain
  • Rear air exhaust
  • Exhaust breath chamber
  • Breath guard
  • Aero edge spoiler with exhaust vent
  • Preset shield opening lever with locking mechanism
  • CX-1V shield
  • AIM+shell construction
  • Standards: DOT 218, Snell-M2000
  • Construction: AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) materials
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs /1450 grams (approx.)
  • 1 year warranty from purchase date
  • Images of the Shoei X-Spirit / X-Eleven Locatelli 2 TC1 Helmet:

    Shoei X-Spirit - Locatelli 2 TC1 helmet Shoei X-Eleven - Locatelli 2 TC1 helmet

    Shoei X-Spirit - Locatelli 2 TC1 helmet

    Where to buy the Shoei X-Spirit / X-Eleven Locatelli 2 TC1 Helmet:

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